Safety and Security in the Post-Hiroshima World

Security Brief: December 2, 2012


Today, two car bombs exploded in the city of Homs. As a result, at least seven people were killed and dozens were injured.


A Taliban suicide attack against a NATO base at an airport in Jalalabad,  Afghanistan killed at least 5 people and left several civilians and soldiers wounded. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.


According to Al Jazeera, an Iraqi counter-terrorism official has said they have arrested Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a top al-Qaeda leader. Al-Baghdadi is head of the Islamic State of Iraq, an “umbrella organization” of militias in Iraq. These reports still need to be officially confirmed.


Turkish officials have told the Guardian that the reason why Turkey has asked NATO for Patriot missiles is because it received intelligence that the Syrian government is “contemplating the use of missiles, possibly with chemical warheads” if its current aerial bombardment strategy against the opposition troops does not succeed.

Turkey is afraid of Syrian missiles landing across the border which has happened before with Syrian artillery shells and mortars. A missile with a chemical warhead poses a much bigger threat for Turkey’s  population living in the border area than regular missiles, which explains  why Turkey has requested NATO for support.

This week, the Dutch and German parliament will vote on the deployment of their Patriot systems in Turkey.


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