Safety and Security in the Post-Hiroshima World

Security Brief: December 11, 2012

North Korea

Oh they’ve done it now, they sent one up. North Korea has successfully launched a rocket into orbit according to Reuters. This is a quite recent development, however it seems that the newest N. Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un is making up for the last time they tried launching a rocket during his regime. The United States made no official comment, however sources believe that it will be on higher alert now that the North Koreans are successfully testing “technology that could one day deliver a nuclear warhead capable of hitting targets as far as the continental the United States.”


It looks like the United States will not be giving any kind of aid in the form of weaponry to the Syrian rebels, according to Reuters today. While the “Friends of Syria” a loose knit group of governments gathered together today to discuss how much they support the rebels, figuratively. No one seems ready to arm the fighters just yet. The fighters are getting much closer to Bashir al-Assad’s personal residence and making everyone wonder if that will be the climax of this conflict.


The Taliban will attend a meeting in France to talk about Afghanistan’s future but will not discuss peace and reconciliation, the militant group’s spokesman said Monday.” One can only wonder what they want to talk about. According to AP, the meeting between top officials from the Arab world as well as representatives from the terrorist organization is not expected to be useful in any way but to see further into the dynamic and goals of the elusive organization.


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