Safety and Security in the Post-Hiroshima World

About the Blog

“This Nuclear Age” is an international security blog focused on real world developments in security technology, policy, and threats. Though the title of this blog may imply a nuclear focus, the title refers less to nuclear issues specifically and more to the constantly evolving nature of security in an age of nuclear weaponry. As such, security developments pertaining to other means of warfare–examples being small arms and light weapons (SALW), biological and chemical weapons, cyber warfare, etc.–will be addressed alongside those issues pertaining to nuclear materials and nuclear weapons. Developments concerning all regions of the world will be addressed, but special interest will be paid to developments in the Middle East and South Asia.

This blog seeks to compile information about issues pertaining to international security, always keeping in mind that ours is a nuclear age. They day-to-day goal of the authors is to scour the Internet for daily reportage, analysis, and opinions on current security issues in order to compile concise and easy summaries for busy readers who do not have the time to make sense of the sensory overload that is the 21st century digital age. From time to time, the authors will also write or commission analysis on pertinent issues. All views expressed on this blog are those of the authors and have been shaped by the authors’ own research. Whenever possible, the authors will strive to keep this blog’s content as factual and unbiased as possible. The authors aim to provide “both sides of the argument,” so to speak, by including various sources and viewpoints in every post, especially where controversial issues are concerned.

This blog is an individual effort and is not affiliated with any institution, academic or otherwise.


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