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Nuclear News: An endgame for Iran, deterrence myths, and the next level of terrorism

March 27, 2013

A lot is happening in the world of nuclear weapons; here’s a quick rundown of some articles, videos, and reports that may be of interest: Iran At The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Kaveh L. Afrasiabi sets out guidelines for a possible endgame in the Iranian nuclear saga. On the list: considering Iran to be… Read More ›

Week in Review: January 28-February 1

Syria, Lebanon, and Israel Israel executed an airstrike on a Syrian convoy headed for Lebanon on Wednesday. Israel claims the convoy was carrying Russian anti-aircraft missiles and was meant for Hezbollah. Israel seemed to be acting on claims that Bashar al-Assad might seek to better arm Hezbollah so that the group would be well-placed strategically… Read More ›

Nuclear News: December 9, 2012

The United States has carried out a nonexplosive nuclear test in Nevada. The subcritical test did not involve a fission process that is key to atomic detonations. The test took place at the Nevada National Security Site. The test–the first since February 2011–studied “how plutonium responds to a conventional explosive detonation.”  The US has said… Read More ›

Nuclear News: Nov. 28, 2012

Pakistan Pakistan has test launched a medium-range missile capable of delivering nuclear warheads to a target up to 1300 km away. That makes the Hatf V (Ghauri) missile capable off hitting deep targets in India. Meanwhile, the father of the Pakistani nuclear program, A.Q. Khan, has registered a new political party in the country. It is… Read More ›

Nuclear News: July 24, 2012

Most days, the news from the nuclear world looks more or less the same. Japan is still trying to pursue measures that will prevent another Fukushima. Western powers (this time the EU) and Iran are once again meeting to discuss the latter’s nuclear program. On Capitol Hill, the battle for and against nuclear weapon reductions continues… Read More ›