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Syria and Chemical Weapons: The Most Recent Scare in Context

March 25, 2013

The major news from Syria last week revolved around a possible use of chemical weapons within the country. As President Obama recently reiterated while visiting Israel last week, it has been his administration’s policy to consider Assad’s use of chemical weapons as a “red line” in terms of pushing the US to intervene in the… Read More ›

Syria Two Years On

It has been two years since the uprising against Bashar  Al Assad’s regime began in Syria. This long conflict has been characterized by complexity, confusion, frustration, and most of all, death and destruction. The death toll alone nears 70,000; the number of refugees recently passed the 1 million mark. A recent report from Save the Children… Read More ›

Week in Review: January 28-February 1

Syria, Lebanon, and Israel Israel executed an airstrike on a Syrian convoy headed for Lebanon on Wednesday. Israel claims the convoy was carrying Russian anti-aircraft missiles and was meant for Hezbollah. Israel seemed to be acting on claims that Bashar al-Assad might seek to better arm Hezbollah so that the group would be well-placed strategically… Read More ›

The Lowdown: The Latest on Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, the country’s stockpile of chemical weapons has been a point of tension. Assad’s use of chemical weapons has often been deemed the “red line” when it comes to US intervention. This blog has addressed the fears surrounding Syria’s chemical weapons twice before, here and here. Syria’s chemical… Read More ›

News Brief: December 18, 2012: Syria Edition

This morning Reuters reported that after intense fighting, the Syrian rebels have taken control of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, a suburb near Damascus. Yarmouk is a  crucial victory because it can provide the rebels access to areas in Damascus were government institutions are located. Abu Nidal, a rebel spokesman, therefore expects the Syrian government to fight… Read More ›

Security Brief: Syria Edition

The nearly two-year-old Syrian conflict has seen a few key developments in the past weeks. The newly-unified opposition has taken strides towards creating a unified military structure. Previous attempts to solidify a military framework were plagued by disagreements. The new structure came about after three days of talking among 260 rebel commanders. The structure is “built… Read More ›